Common Questions & Answers

Beverlee Garb, Founder, has been in the skin care industry for 30+ years as an esthetician, spa owner, spa director and spa consultant.

We know the industry! This experience makes the process easy for our clients, as we understand the audience, marketing, verbage, and branding.

Design/Setup Fees are a one time non-refundable payment OR two non-refundable payments (with $150 surcharge).

Once we have created the website of your dreams, why cut corners when it comes to maintenance and hosting? That would be like your clients getting an acne treatment then using Oil of Olay at home. We have the skills and the patience to keep up with backups, security, updates and technical problems, as well as make changes to content – so let us do the heavy lifting!

We have found that “too many cooks in the kitchen” create a messy site. While we manage your site, we are completely accountable for it functioning optimally!

While most estheticians find our memberships to be a helpful to their business, some prefer to exit the membership and maintain their sites themselves. In this case, there are options.

With our Package Websites, you benefit from a reduced design rate and on-going support. Memberships are a one year commitment. After the first year you may choose to “migrate” to a standalone site by paying the difference at any time.

Migration to Standalone Site

End of year #1: $1599

These fees include site migration to our compatible hosting. With standalone sites you pay for your own hosting, plus any additional features and maintenance fees.

We do not maintain, fix or change any sites that are not on our monthly membership plan.

Sure! Our standalone website pricing is simple – double the design fee from our packages with no monthly fee!

$3390 without store
$3990 with store*

*E-Store includes 50 products included in price. $5/product for additional products (if you want them all added initially).

We offer many templates from which to choose. However, these templates are only a place to begin understanding your vision. We make sure that the site we design is a site that matches your branding and vision.

Turnaround time is 30-60 days.

Yes! We offer our SEO Kickstarter Plans (optional addition to our website design). We also offer ongoing Local SEO for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Our Optional SEO Kickstarter Plan (Recommended) Includes:

  • Setup/Optimize Google My Business Page
  • QR Code for Google Reviews
  • Set Up Search Console to Monitor Page Indexing with Google
  • Clear and proper HTML heading structure (utilizing H!-H6 in an SEO/Google Friendly Structure)
  • Optimize all images, with alt-text that match the URL structure of your site
  • Add meta titles and descriptions to all pages, posts, products, events, etc., utilizing the page’s keyword(s)
  • Adding SCHEMA for Local SEO
  • Submitting Sitemap to Google
  • Create redirections for all URLs on existing website
  • Set up Site Analytics

See more on our Local SEO Plans here.

As part of the basic membership, we are happy to edit and post your blogs so they look professional.

We do have an add-on the the basic membership, in which we create SEO Optimized Blogs with 500+ words, utilizing appropriate keywords, internal and external links and heading structure.

Read more about our Blogging Services here

We can work with the logo you currently have if you love it.

However, we do believe that logo and branding elements are crucial in helping you stand out in a highly competitive market.  Colors, fonts and images set the tone for your company’s identity and marketing strategy. Unconsciously, your brand communicates your values, personality and success to potential clients. A well-designed logo leaves a lasting impression on website visitors and can greatly increase your conversions. 

Read more about our logo and branding services here.

No, you do not need to have professional photos before we get started. Many people get paralyzed by the thought of getting professional photos created – fear not, we can make your site look engaging and organic by using well-chosen, licensed stock photo. As you grow into your site, we can add professional photos of your spa or clinic.